Pablo J.Luis Molinero

Mi música y mis escritos / My music and my writings


On the rockFrom this little corner within Internet, I wish to share my ideas, my writing and my music with you. But first of all let me introduce myself, above all to give you an idea about what you might expect from someone like me:

My name is Pablo José Luis[1] Molinero Hernández; as an author I sign «Pablo J.Luis Molinero», but you may call me just: Pablo Molinero.

I was born in Madrid, Spain.

I have had a wide-ranging professional life: PL

Links to: Writings – Music

  • [1] I’m not an aristocrat; I suppose that if I have three names it’s because, when I was born, there was no food to purchase and possibly names were cheap; so (I guess) my parents, not being able to buy food for me, decided to buy names.


2 pensamientos en “Introduction

  1. Dear Mr. Molinero,

    Because I could not find an e-mail of yours, I try it this way.
    Two times I received an e-mail with a story about a twin talking to each other in the womb about ‘life after their life’. When I was looking for it on the internet, I discovered that you have written ‘the original version’ of it back in the 1980’s.
    Recently I was reading the Dutch translation of Richard Wurmbrand’s book ‘The underground Church’ tortured for Christ. He tells he once heard that a Christian reasoning with an atheist about eternal life used the example of an embryo in his mother’s womb. It was not about a twin, but just describing what an embryo might think if he could think.
    Because it is quite similar to the twin-story, I thought it might interest you. Wurmbrand’s book is from 1967. He himself spent 14 years in prison for the faith in Christ in his homeland of Romania during communist times.
    Below I have put a link where you can find the book with the meant passage.

    Ruth Pieterman
    The Netherlands

    Me gusta

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