Pablo J.Luis Molinero

Mi música y mis escritos / My music and my writings

Short pieces

Cello exercise to Valeria

This is a cello studio/exercise for cello students. I wrote it for Valeria, a cello student, daughter of a very dear friend of mine.

Quino and Mafalda

When I found out on October 1st, 2020 that the great Argentine cartoonist Quino had died the day before, I immediately began to write a musical piece in his honour, without forgetting Mafalda, his main character, the twin sister of his soul, a vindicator. of social justice and satirical with some human simplicities.

This piece has three parts:

-A tango with a very slight Andalusian flavour, in memory of his parents born in Fuengirola (Malaga, Spain).

– The tango ends and we have a very slight reminiscence of It, like imagining his last days,

– To end with a very short requiem dedicated to him and Mafalda.

The entire piece is painted in very subtle tones given the sadness with which it was written for the loss of such a great artist.

Hills and Coasts of China
I composed this piece as an environmental complement to the Tai-Chi course that we intend to offer in our virtual academy «Olympos Agora», already created on Facebook.

Outer Love

This song is inspired by a personal experience…
Lying! It was inspired by the legend of Paris and Aphrodite, but just inspired, it has nothing to do with that legend.
I hope you like it and if a singer wants to include it in his/her repertoire… contact me through a comment below.

Europe is our Home

In 2012 I thought about the possibility of a ballad of mine to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.
I wrote «Europe is my home» in order to reinforce the idea of a Europe with the spirit of just one nation (such as the United States), but, no doubt, respecting and supporting every country culture and identity within a strong unique core instead of a patchwork of conflicting interests.
In this song a man from the South of Europe and a woman from the North, love each other and (overcoming differences) want to live together and form a family.
My song (as said by the Music company which was handling the subject) was the favourite one till the very end, specially intensified by the fact that Sweden (the host country) had chosen «We are one» as the motto in that Festival and my song was quite on that line.
But TVE had already chosen the singing group who would represent Spain, and these youngsters (creators of their own songs) obviously wanted to present one of their songs instead one from a stranger.
Unfortunately, for one reason or another, they were ranked 25th from 26 participants.
The version here you can listen to and read is still with an acceptable quality, despite the fact that it has been losing some going from one file type to another (*.nwc-> *.mid-> *.myr *.-> *.wmv -> *.ppsx -> *.mp3) in order to get this video with (more or less) acceptable human voices.
If any singer considers it appropriate to be included in his/her repertoire (obviously changing the lyrics and, if desired, for just one voice) please contact me and we’ll attack the project.

Sweet Dreams

Have sweet dreams, my little baby. 


This is a Paso Doble I wrote about 30 years ago to the little village Alapardo (Madrid) when I was living in a villas urbanization close to the village. From them, they have played this music several times in their patron saint feasts in August.

As I mention in my ballad «Europe is our home», I presented that short piece as a candidate for Eurovision 2013.

On this occasion, for Eurovision 2019, I have sent two new songs, one «Be yourself» (in English) sent to the BBC and the other «Dime por qué» (in Spanish) to TVE.

Be yourself

Sent to the BBC in the United Kingdom.

It wasn’t chosen to represent that country, maybe because I’m not British or just because they didn’t like it enough. They presented another song which, unfortunately, put them in the last position within the ranking of votes.

Be Yourself: E

This song can be sung by both a man or a woman; as it is someone who gives positive advice to a very dear friend.

Dime por qué (Tell me why)

I sent this song to TVE

TVE required the sending of the song indicating which singer of «Operation Triunfo» contest I considered the most appropriate one to present the song; I chose Famous, a black guy with a great voice, quite spontaneous on stage and very appropriate to enter with verve and anger (as the song begins) as well as later be able to sing sweetly and admitting to be the reason of his girlfriend’s anger (as this song ends).

In fact, he was the one who won the contest; however (despite the jury of the contest twice predicted his suitability to represent Spain in Eurovision 2019) he was not who represented Spain in Tel-Aviv but another singer who (if I remember correctly) had got in the fourth place (mysteries of the Holy Mother Church TVE).

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