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Karmic Biography

This novel: «Karmic Biography» has been presented by academics as a candidate to an international important literary prize or contest.

I am very grateful to them for having considered it a worthy candidate; but I am sure that there are, maybe not thousands, but for sure hundreds of good writers in the world, and no doubt there are better novels than this one.

Anyway, what I am sure too is that the reading of this novel is quite interesting and entertaining because, besides its fiction, it has lots of historical curiosities that are mostly unknown, it’s educational, with adventures, funny and poetic, it has romanticism and eroticism, psychology, religion, mythology, mystery, science fiction and quantum situations; nice enough to go pleasantly throughout its 960 pages.

7 novels in a single book

7 different lives in 7 different eras in a single novel

7 characters very different from each other, but all with the same common denominator: their karma and a strange melon shaped object surrounded by a gold band with pearls and various gems; having inside a beautiful piece of gold and two spheres; one with incense and the other with myrrh. An object with extraordinary powers that just appears and disappears throughout these lives.

Year 2016-17. Binky is an American young lady, a language teacher at Illinois State University in Chicago. She is one of the daughters of a Serbian father and an Anglo-Saxon mother, she is attractive, has a good job, a good family, well considered by everyone; however, something distresses her without understanding why.

She goes to a psychologist who cannot find an explanation either in her current life or in her childhood; therefore, he refers her to a colleague who has a very sophisticated system that allows reliving previous lives; so to see if it is in one of them where the reason for her restlessness can be found.

Binky relives her past lives thanks to Dr. Blumenstein’s highly advanced system and the help of his nurse Daisy:

* A Spanish woman in Franco’s time.

* A gay, member of the Russian nobility in the late 19th century

* A brave Iroquois during the first colonizations of North America.

* A young English knight who accompanies Richard the Lionhearted on the Third Crusade to reconquer Jerusalem.

* The last of the Amazons; a lesbian woman who takes refuge in Alexandria and there meets Mary Magdalene and her group of followers of Jesus’ doctrines.

* A priestess who accompanies her cousin, the Queen of Sheba, on her visit to King Solomon.

All this is relived in pieces along the multiple regression sessions that Binky interchanges doing in parallel her normal daily life.

A book that, despite its 960 pages, is read with continuous interest to the end. A book that, by the way its chapters are numbered, after having finished reading it page by page, you can choose any of the characters and read in sequence just what concerns that character. A book that, despite its volume, I have heard about some readers who are reading and enjoying it for a second time.

Some other readers have suggested me that it could be a very interesting and attractive television series.

I deeply regret that, for the moment, I can offer you nothing but the Spanish version.  Biografía Kármica

Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to afford the translation and printing in English of this book.

From the micro plagiarism that a Latin American guy in the United States made of my story «Chico y Chica» and has been translated to 14 languages and shared worldwide, many people have written to me wondering where they can buy «Morphogeny», the English version of «Morfogenia», also wishing  to know the other short stories included in that book.

But equally, many people have felt interested about the English version of the rest of my books so far: the essays «Histérica Historia” (Hysterical History) and «Relaciones” (Relations); and also about my novel «Biografía Kármica» (Karmic Biography).

I’m not asking you for a donation, but an investment in the idea that as soon as I get to translate and print those books, I will send to you a copy in English of your chosen book, discounting a 30% of its price and discounting the amount you had already sent to me specified with next button. Thank you.

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