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Morphogeny contains four short stories for adults (for everyone, but especially for women).

Stories to meditate a little, with humour, to stimulate our imagination and to review a bit our points of view about life and ourselves.

These stories are:

  • A Place in No Where
  • Boy and Girl
  • Sakhmir and Shúmmy
  • Hydrea

In order to let you know them, I will present piece after piece. I will keep each of them for a while, then put next piece and so on till the end of the book. Reached that point I will initiate a new cycle again beginning with the first piece.

You may go copying one by one all the pieces to form the full story; but just for your personal use only. Any commercial or public use will be considered a crime against intellectual property by any law concerning author rights.

To those who love the idea appeared in the WEB under “She is all around us”, “Do you believe in Mother?” or “Life after Birth/Delivery”, you may get the original story in this e-book:—is-there-life-after-birth/19316412

Just out of curiosity, or you wish to be a writer or to think about how some people behave in Internet, read: 

Errors in Net plagiarised version



3 pensamientos en “Morphogeny

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  2. I posted today, on my blog, a note with a link to the original version of the “plagiarised” story that I published. Sorry to the author! And thanks to him for these beautiful pages.

    Me gusta


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